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Labrador Mix Dumped At The Back Of Car Park In UK


In United Kingdom, the RSPCA is appealing for information after finding a severely emaciated Labrador mix dumped in a car park in Luton.

The officers were summoned after the collapsed male dog was discovered at the back of a car park early on Tuesday morning, December 2. The dog was extremely thin and had sores down his legs.

“Some cases just really get to you and this was one. It was so sad – one of the worst things I had seen in my 12 years working for the RSPCA,”RSPCA Animal Collection Officer said.  “This poor dog had been just left to suffer in a horrific state. He was the biggest bag of bones I have ever seen and was covered in sores all over his legs, which must have been so painful.”

Labrador Mix Dumped At The Back Of Car Park In UK 1“He was completely collapsed and just could not move – there was no way he got there by himself. He could not even lift his head – just move it slightly from side to side,” she added. “He was just lying down on bare concrete ground with no blanket at the back of the car park when I arrived, looking so miserable.”

He was immediately taken to the vet. After an examination, the poor dog was put to sleep to end his suffering. The nameless dog was found to be a yellow Labrador mix who is around four or five years old wearing a brown leather collar.

If you know any information regarding this case, please call the RSPCA on the inspector appeal line – 0300 123 8018.

Rest in peace, buddy.