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Labrador Mix and Rhino Are Friends!


This Lab isn’t only “man’s best friend”! She is also best friends with a rhino at the Denver Zoo!

Bodie the Wonder Dog and a black rhinoceros named Mshindi are enjoying each other company while munching some snacks..

Bodie is a rescued Labrador-Collie mix. She was adopted from the Colorado Humane Society in May 2003 when she was only a year old.

She now stars in the Denver Zoo’s Wildlife Show.

Labrador Mix and Rhino Are Friends! (2)The zoo keeper had an amazing idea. The zoo staff introduced Bodie and the rhino as a nice way to provide enrichment for both animals through socialization.

“It helps Mshindi because we always try to provide new and novel enrichment for our animals,” says Becca McCloskey, assistant curator of Toyota Elephant Passage.

Mshindi was born at the Denver Zoo in November 1993. He is recovering after getting a bit of a foot injury. He hasn’t been able to walk outside much in recent weeks.

Labrador Mix and Rhino Are Friends! (1)“Having Bodie come in to him is like bringing a brand new form of enrichment right to Mshindi and it’s really helping Bodie as well. He has a tendency to get excited with other animals, especially large animals. As you can see, he’s really, really calm around such a large rhino,” McCloskey said. “It took a couple of tries and now he’s settled down.”

While they seem to enjoy their time together, trainers keep their eyes on the duo – observing their eyes and body language – to make sure things are going well.
Image and article source: 9News