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Labrador Hank Walks Again Despite Paralysis


Labrador Hank Walks Again Despite ParalysisThis wonder Labrador is so amazing!

Labrador Hank injured in a freak accident while jumping into a car. He was diagnosed with Intervertebral Disk Disease (IVDD) which is basically spinal swelling.

Molly Williams, Hank’s guardian, say the vet gave him a 60/40 chance of ever being able to walk again.

Many dogs recover from IVDD, but it is a long and gradual process. The healing process starts from the back and works up to the front. The dog regains sensation and use of the tail first. Next he is gradually be able to stand. Then he regains full control of his bladder and bowels. Then he’s able to will walk, run and so on.

After only 5 months, Hank is not only walking, but doing a bit of running too!

Watch how Hank has improved his walking! Very inspiring!

Hank taking few steps but can barely keep his back legs standing:

Hank doing so much better!

You can read the full story behind Hank’s injury and road to recovery at tgimolly.blogspot.com.


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