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Labrador Guide Dog Saves Trainers From Runaway Car


Labrador Guide Dog Saves Trainers From Runaway CarO’Neil, a 18-month old Labrador guide dog in training was on a field test in San Rafael, California with veteran training supervisor Todd Jurek and apprentice instructor Danielle Alvarado.

They were oblivious to danger as they walked with the guide dog along a pavement; completely unaware of a a car racing towards them

The alert 18-month old Labrador, O’Neil, jerked his head back on hearing the oncoming vehicle. This prompted Todd Jurek to turn round to see a black car reversing straight at them.

There was just enough time for Mr. Jurek to grab blindfolded Danielle and drag her around the corner to safety while the car barrelled past them.

The car was driven by a 93-year-old woman, who reversed along the pavement where they were walking and lost control of the vehicle.

It all came down to the alertness of O’Neil, the guide dog. Despite having a veteran trainer with him the dog proved to be more in tune with his environment than a human being can ever be.

The quick action of the trainer got the trainee and the dog out of harm’s way. Now we can wonder what the dog would have done if his trainer had not taken action.

No other damage or injury was reported. The car left skid marks along the side of the building and somehow managed to squeeze all the way down the pavement.

O’Neil still has to perform his final test, but he passed with flying colors.  “ You can’t train a dog for such a dramatic incident,” Mr. Jurek said.

O’Neil will be joining his new family soon.

The organization that trained O’Neil, ‘Guide Dogs for the Blind’, breeds and trains 300 puppies every year for blind and visually impaired people across the USA.


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