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Labrador Guide Dog Saves Toddler In Stroller


Jessica Cowley of Leigh in England, was walking across a car park with her trusted Labrador guide dog, Jet, with her one year-old son, Jacob, in the stroller.

According to the Bolton News, Jet’s owner is legally blind and could not possibly have seen the car racing toward the three of them.

The beautiful black Labrador who has been a guide dog for five years, did not hesitate. He escaped the grip of his owner and pushed the stroller out of the path of the out of control car.

The happy mother told the Bolton News: “Jet saved Jacob’s life. I dread to think what would have happened if she hadn’t pushed him out of the way.”

Jacob’s mother, Jessica Cowley, got hurt when she was hit by the car and she sustained extensive bruising. Baby Jacob was unharmed except for a minor injury on his lip when his stroller fell on its side.

A passing veterinarian, who happened to witness the incident was extremely impressed with the behaviour of Jet, the Labrador guide dog. Later on she told the Telegraph, “We feel that [Jet] really demonstrated exactly how important these dogs are. She showed no concern for her own safety and went to protect her handler’s child before helping her handler.”

According to the grateful handler and mother, Jet the Labrador guide dog, thinks of Jacob as her own. “What she did was extremely brave and I am very proud of her,” she said.

Article sourc: The Bolton News


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