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Labrador-Golden Service Dog Gets Into School Yearbook


Labrador-Golden Service Dogs Gets Into School YearbookA Labrador-Golden Retriever Service dog recently got into his owners school yearbook.

Rachel Benke, a Texan schoolgirl’s, Labrador Retriever-Golden Retriever mix named Taxi, was featured in the student picture section of the San Antonio middle school’s yearbook this year. The loyal service dog has been at the girl’s side for years because she suffers severe seizures. Taxi is the only four-legged, furry student in the Northside Independent School District. He’s definitely the first dog to make it into the yearbook.

The rust-colored pooch has been Rachel’s constant companion for four years because the young girl suffers epileptic seizures after being born with brain damage, KENS-TV reported.

“We joke saying he’s a guide dog dropout, but he did not make the guide dog program because he has a cat destruction problem,” Rachel’s mother told KENS-TV.

Taxi had a premonition that Rachel was in danger — and within minutes, she suffered a grand mal seizure. Her loyal companion kept her calm the entire time.

“I don’t know how Taxi knew this but he wouldn’t let anyone near her until the paramedics got there,” Benke told the CBS affiliate.

Taxi, the service dog, is well-known and much-loved around the school. Now he will be remembered always with an awesome picture between Rachel and a classmate in the yearbook.


Source: Daily News