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Labrador Gets Stuck In The Middle Of The Sea After Mistaking A Lobster Pot Buoy For A Ball


In the United Kingdom, one black Labrador got stuck in the middle of the sea after mistaking a lobster pot buoy for a ball.

On August 15 Monday, four-year-old Labrador Retriever Ollie was on a walk with his owner in Rocky Coast near Holyhead when he saw a lobster pot buoy in 40 meters out in the sea. According to RNLI, the Labrador mistook it for a ball and swam out trying to retrieve it. The incident happened around 8:30 in the evening.

Ollie the black Labrador safe and well after being rescued by Holyhead RNLI lifeboat.

Photo: Gwen Scott

Labs are good swimmers to it wasn’t surprising that Ollie managed to reach the buoy. Unfortunately, he got his chest harness and collar stuck on the buoy and was struggling to swim away.

Worried, the person walking the Labrador tried to get into the sea to help the Lab but the sea was too cold and he was too far out. The lifeboat crew from Holyhead RNLI lifeboat station were then called to help the poor Lab who had been stuck on the buoy for 20 minutes. Poor Ollie was already tired by then and struggling to keep his head above water.

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As the lifeboat approached the Labrador, he turned his head to face the boat — enabling to him to break free from the buoy. Ollie didn’t get on the lifeboat. Instead, he decided to swim back to shore with the lifeboat crew escorting and watching over him.

Gwen Scott, who owns Ollie but who was not there during the incident, was very thankful.

“I can’t thank the RNLI enough for all they did. “I’d like to thank the crew massively for coming out because if they hadn’t have done it all could have ended so very differently for Ollie,” she said.


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