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Labrador Gets Second Owners Through City Dog Share Program


Labrador Gets Second Owners Through City Dog Share ProgramA non-profit program called the City Dog Share connects dog lovers through Facebook.

One of the Seattle program participants is Amie Marston . She recently became a mother and Barkely, her Labrador Retriever, used to go on five mile runs and hikes every weekend. But since the baby came, Barkely was forced to be couch potato.

“He’s definitely taken a back seat and he knows it and I feel really bad about that,” said Amie about Barkley.

“I just can’t give him the affection and attention and love and exercise that I used to,” she added.

Through the City Dog Share, Amie found people who can give Barkley what he needs.

Dog lovers Courtney and Anna don’t have their own dog.

“We would love to have a dog, but our space and our time right now doesn’t allow us to,” they said. “Plus the two cats probably wouldn’t like it too much either.”

Courtney and Anna drive down from Northgate once a week to take Barkley on the kinds of adventures the dog loves.

“We took him to the beach, walked the beach,” the friends said. “It’s nice to have a companion to be active with.”

After one month of adventures, Barkley bonded with Courtney and Anna. Amie and the girls became friends, too.

“I really think that’s wonderful,” said Amie. “I mean that’s amazing to find people like them in such a short time period.”

From dreading being stuck on the couch, Barkely now loves staying on it – to rest after his tiring but wonderful adventures.

Learn more about dog sharing The City Dog Share Facebook page and City Dog Share.