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Labrador Found Badly Abused In A Surrey Basement


Labrador Found Badly Abused In A Surrey BasementIn Canada, a Labrador found badly abused in a Surrey basement is now recovering.

According to reports, Ryder, the dog, escaped from home after his owner’s toddler accidentally let him out. The police said, someone found Ryder and took him to the basement suite, where he was repeatedly stabbed and beaten.

On February 16, police went to the Surrey suite on an unrelated investigation when they discovered the black Labrador Retriever. Ryder was then taken to the Avon Animal Hospital, where he was treated by veterinarian Dr. BaljitMrar.

Ryder had stab wounds to his face and cuts in his mouth, which had been taped shut. There are also objects that had been shoved into his eyes. An X-ray also showed that the poor Labrador had a number of foreign objects inside his stomach and he was rushed into surgery.

According to Mrar, he found items that included a necklace pendant, a hook, four lighters, and a cellphone SIM card. He had also been fed raisins, which can cause acute kidney failure. The vets took a metal stud out of Ryder’s left eye.

The things that had been done to the Labrador were brutal. What kind of a heartless monster would do this?

According to Mrar, he hasn’t seen anything like this during his time as a vet.

“This is totally to the extreme, poking the eyes and forcefully feeding the dog these things,” Mrar said. “The poor guy suffered a lot.”

Ryder is expected to be fine, but he will remain under observation at the animal hospital.

The Surrey RCMP arrested a female suspect under the Mental Health Act. She is scheduled to undergo a psychiatric assessment.

The file has now been forwarded to the B.C. SPCA.

According to Senior Animal Protection Officer Eileen Drever, the SPCA will recommend criminal and animal-cruelty charges to Crown counsel within a few days.

“This dog is a friendly dog and the acts …” — Drever paused — “it’s quite upsetting, frankly, to think that this dog has gone through so much.”

Get well soon, Ryder.


Source: National Post Canada