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If Your Labrador Is Blind, This Might Be The Item You Need!


Silvie Bordeaux made a vow when herdog got sick and his vision started to dim. If her toy Poodle lived, she would help the pooch overcome any disabilities, and help other dogs in the process as well.

Silvie kept that promise after Muffin survived a cancer scare, but lost his sight. She created Muffin’s Halo Guide for Blind Dogs. It is a device that encircles a dog’s head and stops blind pets from running into walls and furniture.

“If the halo hits the wall first, it will slow them down,” said Dr. Christin Fahrer from Eye Care for Animals.

The device will minimize trauma to the face, said the vet.

The halo is made out of lightweight copper tubing that attaches to cloth wings and a harness worn around the neck and chest.

There are other products that do similar work, like the cone of shame or Elizabethan collar, known to protect wounds or stitches post-surgery, and vests and headbands that also have a piece encircling the head to stop collisions.

Those devices are among a variety of products sold to pet owners whosedogs have disabilities and injuries, or are nearing old age. Manufacturers evencreate walkers and lifts or a unique mobility equipment for dogs with joints issues.

If Your Labrador Is Blind, This Might Be The Item You Need 2There are also dog stairs available on the market. It allows older pets to get on beds and sofas. There are also ramps that help them get into the car. However, somedog owners improvise: making slings, homemade wheelchairs, or tripod lifts.

Whether ready-made or DIY, these pawesome devices can prevent old dogs being left in shelters. Silvie had shelter dogs in mind when launching her line of halos. She thinks their chances of adoption will improve if they use the product.

“It might help shelter pets more than average pets in some ways because their environment is constantly in flux,” said the vet. She also said blind dogs don’t think about their lack of sight — they just adapt and move on.

“We are the ones who struggle with the concept of our pets being blind,” Fahrer said. “We struggle with what it would be like for us. Our pets don’t drive or read, but we use our vision every moment of every day. It’s a different world for them.”

Silvie has set up a nonprofit to get her halos to blind dogs in shelters. The items range from $69.95 to $129.95. They also come in different designs like angel’s wings, butterflies, and football uniforms.

“They can eat and sleep and play and run with it on,” Silvie said. “It’s like their superpowers.”

When a blind dogs wear the halos, they holdtheir head higher, the gait changes, and the spirits soar, said Los Angeles dog trainer Bronwyne Mirkovich.

When the device is put on her dog named Max, “it’s like putting an action-hero suit on a little boy,” Mirkovich said. “It’s like he’s bumping with a shield or cane, he’s super confident.”


Image: Muffin’s Halo For Blind Dogs/Facebook

Source: The Salt Lake Tribune