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Labrador News: Lab Puppy Gets A Set Of Wheels

Lab Puppy Gets A Set Of Wheels
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An 8 month old Labrador puppy has a new lease on life.

Scooter, a beautiful, sweet Lab puppy, had buckshot lodged in his body and paralysed hind legs. With typical dog resilience he simply dragged his back legs around.  He was in a rural shelter when the Wake County SPCA stepped in to help the little guy. No one knows exactly what happened; how or where he was shot.

This Lab pup is full of spark. He will now be able to experience a semblance of life as it should be. The SPCA found two donors who financed his new wheels. They’re a doggy version of a wheelchair

SPCA spokeswoman Daci Vandersilk said:”We knew that this dog had the resilience, and he deserved a chance….The fact that someone would outright shoot a dog? That’s just ridiculous.”

Scooter adapted quickly to his new wheels with the usual Labrador enthusiasm.

“Giving him a second chance, giving him these wheels, and showing him the love and respect he deserves, that’s what all animals deserve,” Vandersilk said.

This Lab puppy deserves a forever family. It won’t be easy, but we’ve no doubt that some kind Labrador lover will step up.  “He deserves to know what it’s like be loved. He deserves to know the feeling of a caring family,” Vandersilk said.

It’s impossible to understand how anyone could injure and abuse such a sweet, loving, trusting Labrador puppy. It’s heartbreaking and stories like this one seem to break so often these days. Something is very wrong. Thank goodness for the hard workers at the SPCA. Thank you.

Scooter will be the lead dog in the injured and senior dog group April 20 at the SPCA’s annual K9-3K fundraiser in Raleigh’s Moore Square.

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Watch Scooter, the tenacious Lab puppy, try his wheel for the first time.