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Keep Your Dogs Safe While Celebrating Christmas


Keep Your Dog Safe While Celebrating ChristmasMost people love the Christmas Season because it offers the opportunity to spend time with their loved ones. The decorations, music, the lavish meals and the gifts are also great.

During this Season of good will, we should not forget that this experience is totally different for our pets. We have to protect them from the cold and keep them safe, happy and healthy.

 Thinking about your dog and taking the same precautions you would for your young children, is a good place to start. During the holidays pay as much attention as you pets, you would pay your children.

 According to the guidelines of the American Kennel Club, the following tips will help you keep your dog safe during the Christmas Season:

 Make sure your visitors know that they have to keep the doors closed. You do not want your dog to run away and get lost in the cold.

  • Do not allow anyone to feed your dog candy, butter or chocolate. They can make your pet very sick.
  • Do not over-feed your dog. Canine obesity is a sad reality.
  • Conceal all electrical wires that could tempt your dog to chew on them.
  • As beautiful as they look in your decor, you should never forget that mistletoe, holly and poinsettias are poisonous to dogs.
  • Make sure your dog does not eat the needles of a live Christmas tree.
  • When decorating your tree, avoid using popcorn or cranberry strands. They may look attractive to your dog and when eaten, can cause blockages that will require surgery.
  • Use tinsel and ornaments higher up on your tree where your dog cannot reach them.