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K9 Rescue Team Honors Labrador Search And Rescue Dog Tucker


A K9 rescue team has honored the dedicated service of a Labrador search and rescue dog.

Pat Lamson first met Tucker, a Labrador Retriever mix, at Genesee County Animal Control. At that time, he was a furry, tiny, 8-week-old pup.

“He was one of seven puppies,” Lamson said. “They were all just so little and black.”

“Lab mix,” said the sign over little Tucker. Lamson and Tucker’s meeting was the beginning of a partnership like no other.

For almost 4 years, Tucker served as a search and rescue dog with K-9 One Search and Rescue Team. The Labrador mixpassedaway on Oct. 20 this year. As a tribute, and in recognition of his dedicated service, the organization is raising money in his name.

The donations will be sent to Genesee County Animal Control to help subsidize fees for people adopting animals.

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“We are going to present them with what was raised so far, next week,” said JilianRakow of K-9 One Search and Resuce. “Part of the idea was to bring notice to these shelters. And bring awareness through his service.”

The awesome dog was certified through many National Search and Rescue agencies. He responded to cold cases and natural disasters, both in the US and abroad. The partners also traveled all over the US on search missions for drowning victims, burials, and missing people.

“He was a very willful and tenacious dog,” said Lamson. “I know I would never have had or have learned all that I learned or had the journey that I had if it hadn’t been for that particular dog,” she said. “He wasn’t easy, but I would never have gone as far as I had gone if he had not been my teacher and first work. I’m so grateful that we ended paired up together, for whatever reason.”

K9 Rescue Team Honors Labrador Search And Rescue Dog Tucker (3) Tucker was also a jet-setter. He was flown to Peru with three other dogs to look for mass graves from their civil war. He also went to Labrador in Canada to search for three boys who had gone over a waterfall. He also participated in the search and rescue efforts during the 2011 Joplin tornado.

During a long search South, Lamson noticed something different about Tucker.

“We noticed it when we were on a search somewhere down South,” Lamson said. “After searching for eight or nine hours, you can tell he just wasn’t himself.”

Tucker retired in 2013.

“He’s been all over the country,” said Lamson. “How do you ever visualize where you’re going to end up? I found myself with an opportunity to do something I would never have done. The minute I walked in the field, I knew that’s where I would spend my volunteer time. It was just a blessing to do the things we got to do.”

If you are interested in giving donationsto honor Tucker, contact Kym Roldan, President of K-9 One Search and Rescue at 6029 W. Stanley Road, Mt. Morris MI 48458.


Image and article source: MLive