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Iraq Army Veteran Rescues Labrador Who Almost Lost Paw


Iraq Army Veteran Rescues Labrador Who Almost Lost PawIraq army veteran, Brandon Porinchak, rescued a Labrador who almost lost his paw!

An Amish family found the black Lab last week in Lancaster. The poor Lab’s foot was so badly injured that the dog could barely walk.

“The theory is that his paw was caught in a trap. He lost two toes now, they had to remove two toes through surgery,” Brandon Porinchak told Fox43.

The Porinchaks’ welcomed the Labrador with open arms.

Brandon’s wife Kerri said, “I mean, really at this point it’s what’s one more?”

The family has named the black Labrador, Taji, after the base where Brandon was stationed in Iraq. He saw a lot of combat. “Over 50 missions as a rear Humvee gunner and lead combat life saver on a convoy detail in and around Baghdad,” said Brandon.

He has moved on from saving soldiers to saving Labradors. He hopes to show his sons the worthiness of helping others.

The family has learned how to dress the Lab’s wounds. The used a muzzle initially, but soon found out that it was unnecessary.

“He just started kissing my face. He was so sweet. He knows that we’re trying to help him, which is odd because he’s only been with us since Friday,” said Kerri.

The family has embraced the Labrador as one of their own. “It’s easier to get along with Taji than my brother,” said eight-year-old Kaleb Porinchak.

Article source: Fox43