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Independent Film Maker Tackles Cop Dog Shootings In Documentary!


An independent film maker has documented a disturbing trend in American law enforcement – cop dog shootings! His new film Of Dogs And Men reveals the increasing incidents of cops killing pet dogs.

From raids to simple visits to wrong addresses, incidents of police officers shooting dogs are increasing. Are these cases because of a system that does not care about our four-legged family members? Or are these policemen just doing their best in a dangerous job?

The film Of Dogs and Men investigates this disturbing issue from all angles:

  • Interviewing law enforcement officers and experts.
  • Taking the journey with owners who tragically lost their beloved dogs,
  • The pursuit of change in a legal system in which the very officers they challenge are an integral part.

“My inspiration came from just browsing videos and Youtube. I don’t remember exactly how I came upon it but there is this video of James Smoak. He’s on his knees on the side of a Tennessee highway surrounded by cops. He was worried about his dog -presumably getting him out of the traffic (since) the (car) doors are open. His dog, General Patton, hops out of the car, runs around looking for him and one of the officers shoots the dog in the face with a shotgun. That was the first thing that I saw and so I was upset about it and looked to find out if there were more of these incidents. Sadly, it opened my eyes to the whole thing,” Ozias says about his inspiration.

Infowars host, Jakari Jackson,mentions that there are a lot of people who get shot and people won’t care, but when it’s a dog, everybody gets concerned.

Ozias’ research for the documentary took two years.

Independent Film Maker Tackles Cop Dog Shootings In Documentary

“We initially just bootstrapped a few of the first stories – re-covered Cheye Calvo. His two black Labradors, Payton and Chase, were shot in a raid in his home. He did nothing wrong.” he said.

Ozias also mentions ”Cindy Bowling who lost her dog Lilly because police visited the wrong address.”

“We kinda researched as we went,” Ozias says. “As soon as it became known that we are making this film, we are getting sent a lot of stuff, people were letting us know when they heard about another incident so we just tried to make a mix of stories.

The team also investigated the full aftermath of each story  – Was there a lawsuit? Was there a resolution? Were there changes?

Ozias recalls the case of Michael Paxton. He was playing Frisbee with his dog, Cisco, when a police officer entered the property.

Independent Film Documents Disturbing Trends In Cop Dog Shootings

“While I was at gunpoint, my dog came from my backyard barking at the officer,” Paxton wrote on the “Justice For Cisco” Facebook page. “I yelled for the officer to not shoot my dog, that he will not bite, but the officer immediately shot and killed my dog right in front of me.”

Ozias says the incident happened “fairly recently” and that when they shot the story, “it was still very for raw him.”

“It was tough for him to tell and it was emotional to record it and hear his story as he walked us through—bit by bit – what happened,” Ozias says.

The standpoint of law enforcement officers were also covered in the film.

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“They have their side, we want their side presented in the film,” he says. ”They make their case about how dangerous their work is and in a lot of cases they are not properly supported. Currently, as the administration is not making any priority about dogs: training them for encounters, giving them the gear they need, supporting them and trying non-lethal means. They don’t have that on their side so they are left with just what training can infer—from other things –and that’s how we end up with this lethal force being used so frequently, ” says Ozias

Ozias says further that they have not found a single case of a dog killing a police officer anywhere in the world.

You may check out the trailer and find out more about this film at OfDogsandMen.net.

Ozias’ team is currently searching for a distribution home for the film. Release dates to follow.