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HSUS Undercover Investigation Reveals Rampant Sale Of Puppy Mill Dogs In Flea Markets


HSUS Undercover Investigation Reveals Rampant Sale Of Puppy Mill Dogs In Flea MarketsRecently, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) investigated a fairly new component of the puppy mill issue – the sale of puppy mill dogs in flea markets.

HSUS visited 21 flea markets across 10 states over the course of a year. Their investigation found about 125 different puppy dealers supplying puppies from puppy mills to the flea markets.


Using hidden cameras, HSUS confirmed that the puppies sold in the flea markets were indeed from puppy mills.

The dogs in puppy mills live in horrible conditions. They live in filthy situations and the mother dogs are “living puppy factories.” These large-scale and inhumane facilities hold breeding dogs captive throughout their lives. While the dogs are fed, they are denied basic necessities like proper sanitation, medical care and human interaction. The dogs live soaked their own urine and feces. Their food bowls are just as filthy.

When a litter of puppies is born, they are then evaluated for sale and are taken to pet stores, sold online, or sold at flea markets.

What is more appalling is that some puppy mills are licensed.

According to the HSUS:

USDA or state kennel licenses housed dogs in unsanitary and inhumane conditions. Our investigator photographed dozens of dogs confined to small, rabbit-hutch-like cages. She found dogs living in concrete runs with filthy water and little to no human interaction. At many properties, she found conditions shocking enough to report to law enforcement.

In Ripley, Mississippi –a town with no animal shelter –stray dogs roam the flea market.

“If they can’t sell them, they let them go,” one woman says. “It don’t matter – puppies or not.”

“There are more dogs out here that die from parvo than anything else,” another person said.

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Dog Alley in Canton, Texas is probably the worst facility in the country that delivers puppies to flea markets.

“After the trade days, the ranchers go out in their fields and the [unsold puppies] that are thrown out, they’re out there shooting them,” one man said.

The HSUS is hoping the National Flea Market Association will follow the lead of other big flea market companies—including Barnyard Flea Markets, Traders Village Flea Markets, The Nashville Flea Market, Gibraltar Trade Center and The Big One—by banning the sale of puppies at all flea markets.

For the love of dogs, this disturbing and heartbreaking practice must be stopped!

Source: HSUS