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How To Take Great Photos Of Your Labrador!


There is a frustrated photographer in every dog owner. Using our dogs as models, we try our best to capture our dog’s cuteness in photos!

If you know Wrangler, the Today Show’s Puppy With A Purpose, you may be familiar with all the cute photos posted on his Twitter account. Now his handler, Samatha Okazaki, is sharing her photography tricks.

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Samatha Okazaki/Today

Here’s how to take great photos of your dog!

#1 Food is the key to a great photo.

Naturally, your dog won’t look directly at the camera 99 percent of the time. To help them focus, hold your dog’s favorite snack a few inches above the camera. This will not only get your pup’s attention, you could also end up capturing those awesome begging puppy-dog eyes that we all know so well!

#2 Try not to photograph the whites of your dogs’ eyes.

We all know dogs are generally happy, but some breeds, like Labrador Retrievers and Dachshunds naturally have sad eyes. The more white you see, the sadder your dog will look.

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#3 If your dog has a dark coat, photograph him or her facing a window.

If you own a dog with black fur, you’re probably familiar with this problem! It’s really hard to take a good photograph of a dark dog in the dark – there’s not enough contrast! Using natural light in your photographs will help your dog’s beauty shine through!

#4 If your dog’s a male don’t reveal too much!

When photographing male dogs keep the emphasis off the genitals.

Tips On How To Take Great Photos Of Your Labrador (2)Samatha Okazaki/Today

#5 Clean up your background.

While good lighting is important, it’s not enough if the background is messy! Clean up dirty laundry, dog poos and anything else that may detract from the perfect shot!

#6 Get down to your dog’s level.

The best dog photos are often those taken at your dog’s eye level. Don’t feel awkward about lying directly on the floor, it might be the difference between a good and bad photograph.

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Samatha Okazaki/Today

#7 Set your camera on burst mode.

Dogs are naturally squirmy! Even if you manage to make them stay, they will still turn their heads when something distracts them. Putting your camera on burst mode heightens your chance in capturing a good photo.

For action photos, burst mode will be your best friend as well! Aside from getting usable shots, you can also make a GIF by combining the whole series into one file!

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#8 Do not take photos of habits you wouldn’t normally encourage.

Bad dog behavior is bad dog behavior, even if it’s cute! Don’t allow your dog to do something you wouldn’t normally encourage just for the sake of a photograph. You’ll just end up making your dog think it’s okay!

#9 Reward your dog for being an excellent dog model!

Taking photos of your dog should be a happy experience for you and your dog! Even when things get frustrating, keep it happy! This will probably help you take more great photos in the future!

Source: Today