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How to Stop your Labrador From Eating Too Fast


Even for dogs, Labradors just cannot get enough of food. They can eat incredibly fast too and this may create a problem, so knowing how to stop your Labrador from eating too fast can be helpful.

Eating Too Fast Has Health Risks

Like in humans, eating too fast can pose health risks for your Labrador. This eating habit can lead to the following problems.

  • Gas or flatulence,
  • Excessive burping,
  • Vomiting,
  • Tummy ache,
  • Choking,
  • And increased chance of developing bloat.

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Stop your Labrador from Eating Too Fast

There are different things you can do to slow your Labrador down when he’s eating and here are some.

  • Divide your Labrador’s meal into 5 meals and it to him at different times of the day or give him smaller portions of food at a time and re-fill his bowl a few minutes he eats it all.
  • Put a ball in your Labrador’s food bowl to slow him down.
  • Use a slow-feeder.

After meal time, make sure to let your Labrador rest for at least 30 minutes before allowing him to play and run around.


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