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Protect Your Labrador Retriever From Major Dog Diseases


Keep your Labrador Retriever healthy and happy. Here are a few guidelines to protect your Lab from specific diseases.

Protect Your Labrador Retriever From Major Dog Diseases


Parainfluenza is also known as ‘kennel cough’.  It is a contagious disease that spreads in kennels. UUnvaccinated dogs are most likely to catch this disease which affects their respiratory system. Usual symptoms of Parainfluenza are high fever and severe cough.

Although vaccinated dogs are fairly safe from this disease, if you observe any symptoms of kennel cough, consult your vet immediately. An early diagnosis with a medication routine ensures complete recovery from this disease.


Rabies is a disease that affects a dog’s nervous system to the extent that they become dangerous even for their owners. Since rabies is so dangerous and is generally fatal anyway, most vets suggest putting down the infected dog immediately. The main source of its transmission is the saliva of other infected animals. If a dog has rabies, any animals they have come in contact with may have to be put down too.

Since rabies is so dangerous to animals, including human beings, and rabies vaccinations readily available, it’s imperative that you have your dog vaccinated regularly.

Canine Hepatitis

Canine Hepatitis is a deadly disease infecting Labrador Retrievers that spreads very quickly. The main symptoms of Canine Hepatitis are high fever, loss of appetite, laziness, excessive thirst and sometimes even vomiting. Swelling of the neck, head, and abdomen have also shown up as symptoms.

Canine Hepatitis should be treated immediately, as it spreads very fast. The best way is to get your puppy inoculated against this disease, including a regular, annual booster.


Parvovirus is another contagious disease. It affects the intestinal tract of the heart muscle. Vaccinations and medications are also available to prevent this disease.


Leptospirosis is a disease that can affect a dog’s kidneys by causing them to swell.  This disease is transmitted through the urine of other dogs. The symptoms are yellowish jaws, tongue, and teeth. A vet may prescribe a Leptospirosis vaccine after assessing the dog’s health.


Dogs suffering from Distemper lose their appetite, have high fever and depression. Another symptom is watery eyes. It’s important to get your Lab treated for distemper before it becomes too severe. Otherwise, it may have an adverse effect on your dog’s lungs, nervous system, and intestines.

As you can see from this scary list of dog diseases, it’s vitally important that you have a good vet, get the necessary vaccinations at the appropriate times and keep a close eye on your Labrador Retriever’s health.