Hip Dysplasia In Labrador Retrievers – A Description Of The Condition

Like humans, Labrador Retrievers can suffer from join problems called Hip Dysplasia.

Hip Dysplasia is a form of joint inflammation

Hip Dysplasia in Labrador RetrieverDog Hip dysplasia is a form of joint inflammation. It is usually inherited from dog to dog. However, proper nutrition can help prevent conditions like this.

This is one of the reasons why raising your Labrador Retriever on a healthy diet is so important.

Once hip dysplasia disease takes hold, it spreads throughout the body and damages the cartilage. As a result, important enzymes aren’t released into the joints. This causes problems with hip movement. The pain can also spread throughout your Lab’s body, causing the pain to get worse and worse.

Since this specific disease only comes to light when your Labrador is older, it’s important to protect against it early. Once symptoms start to show up, it’s extremely difficult to reverse them. But, fortunately, there’s a way to stop hip dysplasia in Labrador Retrievers before it starts. Regular exercise, good nutrition, a healthy living environment and a good upbringing are all vital to make sure this doesn’t happen to your Labrador Retriever.

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Image source: Joe Mills


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