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High Tech Dog Collar Can Monitor Your Labrador’s Health


High Tech Dog Collar Can Monitor Your Labradors HealthA new pet health device is in the market – high tech dog collar.

The device will help determine if your Labrador Retriever is sick.

The PetPace wearable monitor lets owners and vets get latest readings and status regarding a pet’s health.

The device sensors that monitor a dog’s vital signs 24 hours a day — including temperature, pulse, and respiration. It also measures pain and calorie consumption.

Jayne Gandrup says the collar helps her keep a close eye on her beloved Pug Charlie’s health.

“I love the idea of being able to watch and monitor the inside of him,” she said. “Because he can’t tell me when he doesn’t feel well.”

The device sends the pet information online. You can also check it on your smartphone. It is also possible to check how active your pooch is or whether he is walking around, relaxing, or taking a nap.

Andover Animal Hospital is one of the first in the country to use the new technology.

Vet Jasmin Keramaty says the collar helps monitor animals with chronic problems and can detect health issues early.

“Is that pet going to the food bowl less- or are they going to the water bowl twice as much as they used to be?” Keramaty said. “Those can be markers for a lot of metabolic diseases like kidney disease or diabetes.”

That’s comforting for Gandrup, who lost her last dog to cancer.

“He’s our baby now,” she said. “So I want to make sure we keep on top of his health.”

The $150 collar is only available for canines now but a kitty version is going to be released in December.

The collar involves a $15 monthly subscription to operate the software.

Source: CBS