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Hero Sniffer Labrador Dies At Age 15


Hero Sniffer Lab Dies at Age 15A hero sniffer Labrador died at age 15 last Tuesday. RIP Charco! Thank you for your service.

Charco, a black Labrador Retriever, was trained in collapse structure searches by Neil Powell, his handler.

The Labrador helped save many lives including a man trapped in rubble in the 2005 earthquake in Kashmir, Pakistan. He was also among those who helped in 2003 Algeria earthquake.

Neil Powell described Charco as a “wonderful dog.”

The hero sniffer Lab died at the age of 15 years. Neil says, he was never a difficult dog.

According to him, the Lab never fought with any other dogs and would simply obey whatever he told him.

Neil also trained the clever Lab to search for bombs and explosives. Charco had been used in operations in London ever since.

“All I did was use a different command if I wanted him to search for explosives,” Neil said.

“When we had collapsed structures in Northern Ireland and there were three or four of those, Charco would go in and check the building and if he indicated there was nothing there, the fire service were quite happy to suspend operations because he was so reliable.”

Neil said Charco had a unique personality.

“All we’re doing really is using their natural instinct as hunting dogs, and he was trained to search for live people and that’s what he excelled at,” he said.

What a life well lived, Charco!

Run free and enjoy the rainbow bridge!

Source: BBC News