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Hero Labrador Saves Family’s Daughter After Seizure!


Hero Labrador Saves Familys Daughter After SeizureIn Wentzville, a hero Labrador saves the family’s daughter after she suffered a seizure!

On Monday night, 11-year old Danielle went to bed and had a seizure, while the rest of the family slept.

The family Labrador, Bailey, sensed her plight and immediately took action. She leapt onto sister Kaitlyn’s bed and woke her up. Kaitlyn is 12 years old.

“I was sleeping and then Bailey came in and jumped up here and then woke me up,” said Kaitlyn told KSDK. “She started nudging me with, like, her head. All I heard was gurgling noises coming from my sister’s room.”

Those gurgling noises were the seizure that sent Danielle to the hospital in an ambulance.

The yellow Labrador Retriever was a Christmas gift to the Davenport family of Wentzville, Mo, five years ago.

The Lab is definitely a gift that just keeps on giving.

“Bailey’s going to be a movie star!” said Danielle Davenport, while a news crew videotaped her hero dog.

“I love Bailey so much. I’m pretty happy that I’ve got a dog,” said Danielle Davenport.

The Davenport family is still waiting for lts Danielle’s test results.

Danielle’s neurologist advises that the Labrador continue to sleep in Danielle’s room.

Bailey has become the first line of defense in case Danielle has more seizures

“I think she’s the best dog ever,” said mom, Ellen Davenport. “It does not shock me at all. She is a very in-tuned and awesome dog.”

Article source: KSDK.com