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Hero Labrador Puppy Saves Little Girl Having A Seizure


A hero Labrador puppy saved a little girl who was having a seizure from choking in her own vomit.

Baxter, a 9-month-old yellow Labrador, has been hailed a hero for saving the life of his 6-year-old human sister, Olivia Goodman. The pup alerted mother Amanda when Olivia suddenly took ill on Thursday afternoon.

Olivia had been sent home from school because of a fever. The little girl lay down on the couch with her mother and puppy Baxter.

Hero Labrador Puppy Saves Little Girl Having A Seizure 1Amanda Goodman via STV

Olivia’s fever got much worse and she started vomiting while lying with her face against a pillow, causing her to choke.

“My daughter was on the sofa sleeping off a cold and had rolled face first into her pillow, vomiting and in a seizure state,” Amanda told STV News. “My Labrador pup alerted me soon as it had started, barking at her side adamantly and I shouted at him many times to be quiet not to wake her.

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“He continued to pace the living room and bark at her and growl at myself until he jumped on her, knocking off her covers.

“Then I seen she was fitting and the pillow blocking her airway.”

The worried mother then called for an ambulance. Olivia was taken to the Royal Hospital for Sick Children at Glasgow’s Queen Elizabeth University Hospital.

Hero Labrador Puppy Saves Little Girl Having A Seizure 2Amanda Goodman via STV

Baxter has stayed by Olivia’s side since she returned home from the hospital.

Amanda said she was lucky that Baxter and her daughters have such an amazing bond.

“Olivia spent the night in hospital and is now doing well. She owes her life to this puppy,” she shares. “When she was three she suffered a febrile convulsion which are normally quite common in children but this was very different.

“She has been there for Baxter ever since he was born. They are so close and really are joined at the hip.

“It’s the same for my other daughter, Sophie who is also off from school just now with a virus. They’re all really close.

“He’s our hero.”


Source: STV News