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Hero Labrador Mix Saves Stroke-Stricken Owner


Hero Labrador Mix Saves Stroke-Stricken Owner 1Darky, a hero Labrador mix, saved the life of his stroke-victim human.

Arthur McGarvey collapsed while walking the Labrador-Collie mix in the fields near his house.

The dog immediately started barking and running around, alerting drivers and passers-by to stop and investigate.

“We were on our way to our next job when we saw the dog going mad,” Kelly Weeks said. “We pulled over and saw a man lying motionless in the field.”

Arthur was found in the field and kept warm and calm until paramedics arrived.

“After climbing through a hedge we were able to get to him and call an ambulance.” Weeks added. “He was very poorly, only slightly moving and unable to talk. We put our coats over him and waited for paramedics to arrive.”

According to the doctors, Darky’s quick response gives Arthur a better chance of a full recovery and just a week after the incident, he has already regained his mobility.

“The fact Arthur is making such a miraculous recovery is due to Darky and those who stopped to help,” Arthur’s wife, Jean, said. “The doctors have said it was extremely important that paramedics were able to treat him quickly and give the necessary medication.”


Image credit: SWNS
Source: Mirror Online