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Health Benefits Of Dog Ownership!


What are the health benefits of dog ownership? Should your family get a dog? Depending on your family’s list of issues to consider, the decision can be an easy yes or a heated debate for many reasons. But if you’re stuck in between, here’s something that may help you decide – owning dogs can make improve your heath!


Getting More Exercise

Does Owning A Dog Make You Healthier?It’s common knowledge that dogs need exercise. That means you will have to walk your dog. Research even shows that dog owners over the age of 65 are a decade fitter than people without dogs. Another study published in 2000 in the National Institute of Health and Welfare, found that dog owners were more likely than other people to do 30 minutes or more of exercise at least five days a week.


Improving Overall Health

Does Owning A Dog Make You Healthier?According to a 10-month study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology in 2011, dog owners show improvements in their health. They even engage in healthier behaviors after just a month of owning a pet. Members on the control group who did not own pets did not exhibit any significant changes in health or behavior over the study period.


Better Mental Health

Health Benefits Of Dog Ownership 2According to the same 2011 study, pet ownership also has psychological benefits. In the study, questions determining the respondents well-being, personality type and attachment style were answered by a total of 217 people. The research found that in all cases, pet owners were happier, healthier and better adjusted than non-owners. Pets may provide social and emotional support for their owners according to the research.


Reduces Risk Of Allergy

A lot of families include allergies to their list of reasons why they hesitate to get a pet. But according to a  2010 study in Journal of Pediatrics, children who grew up with a dog in their home were less likely to develop eczema. That particular study covered cats, too. But the researchers found that kids who grew up with cats in the house were more likely to develop eczema.


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