Category: Safety, Emergencies and First Aid

How Foxtail Can Kill Your Labrador

Did you know that foxtail can kill your Labrador? Foxtails are small and look seemingly harmless, but they can be a threat for any dogs and pets. Foxtail plants look like grass, and they are found mostly in the western half of the United States. Their seeds are …

How to Induce Vomiting in Dogs

Labradors are notorious gobblers and given a chance; they would eat anything – even the ones that are harmful to them. Because of this, it is good to know how to induce vomiting in dogs. There are a lot of threats lurking in your home: medications, cleaning products, …

Heat Stroke in Labradors

Brachycephalic dogs are at a greater risk during the heat but it does not mean Labradors cannot experience Heat Stroke. Heat Stroke in Labradors and other dogs are common especially in the summer and knowing what to do might just help you save your Lab’s life. All dogs …

Benadryl Dosage for Labradors

Dogs may suffer from allergies from time to time and as a Lab owner, knowing the right Benadryl dosage for Labradors is a good idea. Benadryl, which has the generic name Diphenhydramine, is the most common antihistamine given to dogs suffering from allergic reactions. This medication is also …

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