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Training Your Labrador Puppy To Pee Outside

Training your Labrador puppy to pee outside is the most important part of your housetraining task. Labrador puppies are very cute. However, these cute puppies can become nuisances unless your train them effectively. They should be trained to pee and poop and keep the house clean at the earliest. …

Labrador Breeders: How To Select A Good One

Finding reputable Labrador breeders is challenging task. However, it is worthy of such overcoming such a challenge when buying a puppy, if you want to have a Labrador Retriever without any health and behavioral issues down the road. A reputable breeder is the only one, who can assure …

Understanding Your New Labrador Puppy

Understanding your new Labrador puppy is key to raising him successfully. Unless you are aware of his attitude, behavioral traits, psychology, and breed qualities, you may not be able to take astute care of a Lab puppy. The more you are able to understand your pup, the better …

Labrador Retriever Puppies Overview

Labrador Retriever puppies are the cutest things you’ll ever meet. With a friendly temperament and great disposition, they can make anyone happy. But, beyond the cute and cuddly, what does having a Labrador Retriever puppy mean for you? Well, as with any puppy, there are a few things you …

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