Category: Labrador Grooming

Ringworm in Labradors: Essential Oils for Ringworm Infections

Does your Lab have ringworm infection? There are many effective essential oils for ringworm infection in Labradors. Using these essential oils helps treat and remove such problems in dogs and heal and prevent skin problems due to fungus infection. Ringworm is not a real worm but an infection. …

Removing Ticks from Your Labrador

Removing ticks from dogs is something owners must know how to do. It is vital to keep your dog’s coat and skin healthy and free from infections. Unless a tick is removed from your Lab, it may cause skin problems that have a potential to transmit to other …

Labrador Retriever Grooming: An Overview

Why do you need to pay attention to Labrador Retriever grooming? Well, because it keeps your dog healthy and free from unwanted diseases and skin conditions. Labrador Retrievers love being outside. They are perfectly content running through fields, jumping in puddles and ponds and rolling in grass and …

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