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Labrador Guide Dogs Love Leads To Owners Marriage

Guide Dogs Love Leads To Owners Marriage
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Two Labrador guide dogs fell in love. The inseparable pair brought their owners together and they now plan to tie the knot! What a beautiful story!

A blind couple in the UK are planning to marry after their guide dogs fell in love and brought them together.

Claire Johnson joined a guide dog training course. She wasn’t expecting  her new dog to lead her to her future husband. But that is exactly what he did.

Claire  is now engaged to Mark Gaffey. They say was their guide dogs who fell in love first. Their canine friends and helpers are responsible for bringing them together.

The couple from Stoke-on-Trent met when they were attending guide dog training. Their guide dogs, Venice and Rodd, always played together.

Mark said, “The trainers said that they were the love and romance of the course, and they brought us together.” When the course came to and end, Claire and Mark arranged to meet for coffee. That was the start of their romance, and it’s been “moonlight and roses” ever since.

Claire was especially touched by Mark’s text message prior to his marriage proposal. The text said, ‘If you’d let me I could make your world a lot happier’.”

Of course the Labs are very pleased. They share a bed and love each other dearly.

Claire and Mark said the two Labrador Retrievers will definitely play a central part in their wedding next year.

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