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Labrador Guide Dog In Training Saves Trainers


Labrador Guide Dog In Training Saves TrainersGuide dogs are vital to the sight-impaired.

These dogs are frequently called “life changers” but one Guide Dog for the Blind is a true “life saver”. He alerted his trainers to a potentially disastrous situation this week.

The yellow Labrador, O’Neil, noticed an automobile driving backward down a side walk on Monday morning. He alerted trainers, Todd Jurek plus Danielle Alvarado, to the risk and they were narrowly missed by the careening car.

Jurek and Alvarado were assessing the Labrador to determine whether he was prepared to be handed over to a blind individual.

Jurek said “So I think O’Neil heard the wheels come upon the curb, so he heard that before I did,”

The dog’s turning look alerted the group who then ran for cover and were narrowly missed by the out-of-control vehicle.

Video surveillance caught the near miss. It shows them strolling down Fourth Street with the dog lookin back first and noticing the careening car.

The driver careened over the street crashing into a shop front. Miraculously no one was hurt.

Police said they think the female driver jumped the curb because she thought she had her foot on the brake.

No charges were filed, but authorities would like the driver to be checked out by the DMV.

Watch the news footage on this amazing service dog.

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