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Golden Retriever Rescued From Frozen Charles River


Golden Retreiver Rescued From Frozen Charles River1Five year old Golden Retriever, Crosby, fell through the ice in the Charles River in Wellesley, Massachusetts. The dog was surrounded by ice and could not swim ashore.

What would have been a sad and tragic Christmas for the Golden’s family, turned into a joyous one, thanks to Wellesley firefighters.

The rescue was captured on video (see below).

Crosby’s owners called 911. The Wellesley firefighters located the scene using the GPS location technology.

In cold water survival suits the brave firefighters got into the frozen river and broke up solid layer of ice. They then pulled the scared and frozen dog to safety. After drying the Golden off with towels she was warmed her under a fire blanket.

A huge thanks to heroes of the Wellesley Fire Department! Wishing Crosby and her family a truly happy holiday.