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Fourteen Canine Companions for Independence Service Dogs Graduate!


Fourteen Canine Companions for Independence Service Dogs GraduateFourteen Canine Companions for Independence service dogs graduated in San Diego last Friday.

The dogs and the volunteers who breed, raise and train them for people with special needs took to the podium to receive their honor.

The graduate dogs were raised from puppy-hood by kind individuals all of the country! The big-hearted volunteers turn rumbustious puppies into wonderful adult dogs who go on to serve those in need.

For many it’s really hard to say goodbye

Puppy trainer Sue Vinsant had to bid farewell to her trained puppy on graduation day.

“It’s hard. It’s hard,” she said. She added that she took her goodbye harder than she should have because Polly is the first pup she has ever raised for someone else.

The trained dogs go on to help people with special needs like eleven-year-old Dylan from San Clemente who suffers from autism.

Dylan hardly ever spoke until he met Ode.

Canine Companions for Independence has placed more than 4,000 dogs with people with disabilities.

Buddy Wachtstetter drove off a cliff in 1970, and has been paralyzed ever since. His last service dog of eleven years named Hilary died from cancer in December.

“I was just devastated quite frankly,” he said.

Buddy will now have Lexus to help make life easier.

Canine Companions for Independence provides service dogs free of charge.

Article source CBS8