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Former Bomb-Sniffing Labrador Reunites With Marine Veteran


Former Bomb-Sniffing Labrador Reunited With Marine VeteranAnother former bomb-sniffing Labrador reunites with his marine veteran handler!

Marine veteran Corporal Matt Foster has waited long for Mick, a Labrador Retriever, who served with him in Afghanistan.

The duo haven’t seen each other for more than a year.

The partners scoured the war zone of Afghanistan and were together 24/7. Their job was to sniff out hidden bombs.

“We found one and completed 180 patrols when we were there,” Matt said.

The two spent eight months together, everyday and even slept on the same bed.

“I owe him my life. Physically and emotionally he kept me going over there. He deserves the world and I plan on giving that to him,” Matt said.

Mick just retired from the Marines at the age of 7. Matt has been working for more than a year with Mission K9 Rescue to bring him home.

The two reunited at the Denver International Airport last Thursday.

Upon spotting each other, Mick nearly leaps into the crowd of people to get to Matt.

The Lab was panting and his tail won’t stop wagging.

Matt sheds tears of joy and Mick licks them in return.

Mick will live the rest of his life with Matt in his home in Colorado. Matt is no longer with the Marines and is currently working at an animal hospital and studying business and finance.

“It’s a different bond when you’re over there with this dog and he keeps you alive. Not only that, but emotionally and everything. Just keeps you together,” Matt said.

“They’re putting their life on the line just as much as we are. And the sad truth is, a lot of dogs die doing this. And it’s because they’re trying to protect us. It’s just amazing what they do.”

The partners spent eight months together in Afghanistan, and a year apart.

“I did not stop until I know I was getting him,” Matt said.

Source: 9News.com