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Five Tips For Walking Your Labrador Dog In The Spring!


Do you and your Labrador love this flowery season? Here are five tips for walking your Labrador dog in the spring!

Winter is over and it’s getting warmer!

Melting snow and rainy weather could turn your yards and sidewalks into muddy activity areas. Even though the sun shines a lot more at this time of the year, your dog may still need protection.


Set up a dog workstation before heading out the door

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Once you head out the door, it is almost certain that your Labrador will come back with mud or dirt all over his body. Cleaning up a muddy dog is quite the chore. It is even harder if you’re hunting around for everything while trying to keep your pooch contained in one place. This is why it is best to be prepared ahead of time.

Put down a solid mat to handle your Lab’s muddy paws, and have at least one towel within reach. You can also use a bit of your Lab’s regular shampoo to make the paws even cleaner.

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Be on the alert for increased prey activity

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The warm weather will wake up hibernating critters so dog owners whose dogs have a strong prey-drive should beware. Make sure to bring a treat bag to distract your Labrador from pursuing all the little creatures out there.


Do not let your Lab drink from puddles

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Dogs get thirsty a lot, especially when they are out on walks. Make sure to bring a collapsible dog bowl and a bottle of water. Do not let your pooch drink from puddles as the water could be contaminated by chemicals and salt used on the streets and sidewalks over the winter. Puddle water could possibly even have insect larvae or parasites.

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Watch out for possible dangers emerging from melting snow and ice

Vanja Cicović/Facebook
Vanja Cicović/Facebook

During this season, the melting snow and ice reveals an abundance of sights and smells that can all be VERY interesting for your pup. The spring melt will expose various things people have abandoned in the snow over the winter. It will also uncover loads of discarded food, garbage, and even fruits that fell from trees last fall — all of these could make your dog sick.

Don’t pack up doggie coats and boots yet

Central California Labrador Retriever Rescue
Central California Labrador Retriever Rescue

While not all dogs need to get dressed up for winter walks, some dogs still need to don protective gear, so don’t pack those accessories away just yet. Keeping your Labrador’s coat and booties around for walks during wet days can reduce cleanup time after your dogs walk and play time.




Article source: The Weather Network