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Labrador Retrievers: Five Fun Sports You Can Enjoy With Your Lab


Finding a sport your companion can participate in is important because Labrador Retrievers are naturally playful and energetic dogs. Luckily, there are many dog sports you can choose from including; Dog Surfing, Dock Jumping, Canine Musical Freestyle, Flyball, and Frisbee.

Labrador surfing

Dog surfing: Your Labrador ride the waves

Dog surfing began in 2005 as a way to raise funds for organizations in San Diego. It is the perfect sport for Labradors because they love water and are always up for a challenge. Also, any dog can participate as long as both the handler and dog know how to swim, wear a lifejacket, and are in good health.

Some of the popular Dog Surfing events your dog could enter in California include; Surf City Surf Dog, Purina Incredible Dog Challenge and Loews Surf Dog Competition.

Labrador dock divingDock Jumping: Labs diving off docks

Dock jumping, or Dock Diving, is another water sport any dog breed can compete in, including Labrador Retrievers. The sport was first seen in 1997 at the Incredible Dog Challenge competition, which was funded by Purina. Today, Dock Jumping is a popular dog sport in various parts of the world including Australia and United Kingdom.

The main goal in Dock Diving is to get your dog to dive into water for the highest and longest distance. Although most Labs have a natural diving drive, owners can launch toys into the water if additional motivation is needed.

Canine Musical Freestyle: Dancing Labradors

Canine Musical Freestyle is a great sport for people who love music and who own a clever dog. Canine Freestyle competitions are based on team effort, choreography, and obedience. This means that you’ll be scored on; how well you and your Lab work together, if the music chosen is appropriate for the dance moves, and if your dog obeys the commands that are given during the performance.

Labrador FlyballFlyball: Labrador teamwork

Flyball is the ideal sport for Labrador owners with multiple dogs, as a team is required. The way Flyball works is the dog pushes a button to eject a ball, grabs it, leaps over obstacles to the beginning of the line, and then lets the next dog go. The team that finishes first is declared the winner.

Frisbee: Labs are bred to retrieve

Labrador FrisbeeFrisbee, also known as disc dog, is one of the dog sports Labs have most fun with. It enables for a great bonding experience with your dog and tests your communication skills. But perhaps the most amazing thing about the sport, is how it all started.

On August 5, 1974, a young man named Alex Stein wowed a crowd during a baseball game when his canine caught discs at a speed of 35 MPH and a height of 9 ft. He was arrested a few minutes after the performance, but it wasn’t in vain: he brought the Disc Dog sport to life and helped establish the Frisbee Dog World Championship.

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