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First Day of A Labrador Puppy at Home


The very first day of a Labrador puppy at home is eventful for family members. He turns the new star attraction for all in the family and the excitement among kids is worth watching. However, you need to be cautious and make sure your puppy is not harmed by thrilled kids. Ensure strict supervision and introduce the newest member of your house to other members in a friendly manner.

First Day Home of Labrador Puppy

First Day of a Labrador Puppy at Home: The Introduction

The cute and bubbly Labrador puppy is likely to be the cynosure of all eyes. You can expect a lot of fun and amusing moments at home when he interacts with others. You will want to show him your house and let him explore it. It is exciting to introduce your puppy to family members, other pets, neighbors, and friends. The more a puppy is familiarized with his new surroundings, the faster he feels comfortable at his new home. You can also take advantage of this time to let him know the house rules and set a good example for his future training.

However, you need to protect your Labrador puppy from euphoric kids. Don’t let them take it outside or play without your supervision. Unmindful of its brittle frame, they may unknowingly put it through stress and cause injury. Also, do not let the kids take it outside or to parks until his inoculation is over.

Similarly, you need to be cautious when you have another pet at home. The older one may not be friendly toward the new pet and may harm him. So, ensure you introduce the puppy in a manner that other pets develop a friendly disposition and affection for it.

First Day of a Labrador Puppy at Home: Establish Limitations

Make sure all of the doors in your home are closed. Place a leash and harness on your Labrador puppy and let him run loose. Your puppy may want to explore the different smells and textures in your house. However, you need to let your dog know which things are for him and which he should not approach. You may not want the Lab to have access to furniture, shoes, books, kitchen, household items, and any other place or thing you prefer to restrict.

Whenever your puppy approaches or touches one of these things, try to distract your puppy from those objects. However, avoid saying “no,” as your dog is yet to learn your command. Instead, gently pull his leash while making an audible sound. This is enough to warn him and convey that the item he is sniffing is off limits. Be sure to let your Labrador puppy smell the area or object first. Otherwise, they may not be able to remember what they are supposed to stay away from. You can enhance the same by calling your puppy by his new name and praising him each time he reacts positively and looks at you.

First Day of a Labrador Puppy at Home: Let Him Know You Are in Command

In every dog pack, there must be a leader. For puppies very young, their mother is the pack leader and they follow her with obedience. But once she’s out of sight, your Lab puppy may assume he is the leader and let him loose with naughtiness. Unless you establish your dominance, a puppy is unlikely to show his obedience.

You must start showing him from the day one that you are in charge and his duty is to obey you. Ensure you reflect this even when doing simple things. Go through the door first and let your pet follow you when venturing outdoors. Let your puppy wait for his food to be served by you. Such actions make him aware that you are the pack leader.

However, avoid violence, yelling, or punishment, as these are not the right means to assert dominance. Your dog will become more fearful or aggressive with such actions.

First Day of a Labrador Puppy at Home: The Familiarization

After showing your dog your house, now focus on the essential areas. For example, your Labrador Retriever puppy should know where his food, water, and bed or in which part of your house his crate is located. Another important place to show your puppy is the potty area. To do this, take him to the designated area, wait until he urinates or defecates, and reward him with a treat or praise. Repeat this for a few days.