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Firefighters Save Labrador From Burning Home


On Sunday afternoon, firefighters saved a Labrador  from a burning home in Totowa, New Jersey.

Unfortunately, they were unable to save a Shih Tzu also trapped in the home.

The firefighters were called to a multi-family house following reports of a fire.

Firefighters Save Labrador From Burning Home

There were no people inside the home, but unfortunately two dogs were inside the house. The  Labrador Retriever belongs to an identified family and the Shih Tzu was owned by Carmen and Julio Valencia on the first floor.

To save the dogs, firefighters broke into the burning house and climbed to a second floor window.

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There, the firefighters were able to pull the Labrador out and carry the panting dog to safety. The terrified Lab was immediately given oxygen and water.

Sadly, the Valencias’ Shih Tzu, Luke, did not make it.Firefighters asked the Valencias where their 6-month-old puppy might be hiding, before entering the first floor. However, Luke was already dead when the firefighters discovered him.

Firefighters Save Labrador From Burning Home 2

The couple, who have two sons, broke down when they were told that their beloved pooch had been killed in the blaze. The family was handed the deceased puppy in a white bag by officials.

Meanwhile, the Labrador was taken at a veterinarian for treatment following the fire. The Labrador’s current condition is not known and his owners remain unnamed.


Source: Mail Online