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Fifteen-Year-Old Labrador Passes Away Hours After His Owner’s Death


In Pennsylvania, a 15-year-old Labrador mix passed away just hours after his owner’s death.

On Thursday, Jeanine Guido, the founder of Speranza Animal Rescue, was contacted about a local man who had passed away. The deceased man’s 15-year-old Labrador mix, Midnight, was left in the home.

On the rescue group’s Facebook page Guido posted “When we arrived at the man’s house, we were greeted by a few family friends, and the dog. This old boy had no idea that his dad had passed.”


The deceased man’s daughter told Guido that Midnight probably wouldn’t know anything was wrong until the evening when the two would go to bed together and snuggle.

Guido and her team took the dog to the veterinarian who found the Labrador mix to be weak, frail and arthritic. Poor Midnight had been suffering for a long time.

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“If a dog is suffering, and has no quality of life, I will be there with it as it crosses the bridge. That was the case with Midnight. I had him evaluated last night by my vet, and she agreed that euthanasia was the humane thing to do. Last night was one of those hard and difficult decisions; while some of you may not understand why I let Midnight go, you were not there. The fact that I am defending my choice makes my heart hurt. I fully believe a quality of a dog’s life is more important than quantity- with that being said I know that I did right last night. I did the right thing for Midnight- and at the end of the day that is all that matters to me,” Guido posted on Facebook.

Guido hugged Midnight gently in her arms.Before the senior dog took his last breath, Midnight sighed and wagged his tail.

It was heartbreaking but Guido is happy knowing the old dog joined his master.

Rest in peace, Midnight.


Source: Examiner