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Fashion Photographer Turns Into Exceptional Dog Photographer! See His Wonderful Doggie Photos!


Exchanging catwalks for kennels, former fashion photographer, Ron Schmidt, has turned into an excellent dog photographer.

Ron Schmidt has been taking stylized photographs of dogs for 12 years.

He used to work as an assistant photographer in New York – mostly in the fashion industry.

“It was not a natural fit,” he said.

He then went out on his own and worked as a commercial photographer.

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On day he sent clients a holiday card featuring a shot of his dog it was an instant success.

“It was the biggest response I had ever gotten,” he said.

“This is it; this is what you need to do,” a creative consultant told him.

Since then, he has attracted several commercial clients and he shoots pics for greeting cards, calendars, and children’s books.

“We use friends’ dogs and dogs from the park. Newburyport is a great dog town. And, we have castings on Facebook and sometimes call breeders,” he said in an interview with the Boston Globe.

Schmidt also has a particular liking for Labrador Retrievers.

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“I love Labs because they are so iconic looking, have so much emotion and personality, and are so happy,” he said. “I also like Boston Terriers and French Bulldogs because they are such characters and look comical.”

Schmid t doesn’t just take portraits. He wants his photos to always tell a story.

A proud father of two, he also loves that being in the industry helps him raise awareness about dogs in need.

“It’s a great platform to talk about animal rescue and we give back to a lot to animal welfare causes,” he said. “Every month, we try to spread the love a little bit.”

You can view more of his awesome dog photographs at Loose Leashes.

See our favorite dog photographs in the gallery below!

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