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Faith The Two-Legged Labrador Mix Passes Away


A two-legged Labrador Retriever mix inspired millions of people – with or without disabilities. She is known as the miracle dog. Her name is Faith and she taught herself to walk upright on two legs.

Faith the two-legged dog passed away peacefully last week with her human mom, Jude Stringfellow, and a platter cheese by her side.

Faith has been popular for her work with U.S. soldiers. She and Jude often traveled to airports, USOs and other places where they would find injured or returning soldiers. Her positive aura and outlook in life, despite her dis
ability, made a huge impression on the troops. She earned the title of honorary E5 Sergeant, out of Fort Lewis where four thousand troops attended the ceremony.Faith The Two-Legged Labrador Mix Passes Away (1)

Faith Fighting The Odds

Faith was born deformed at a flea market. She was rescued just in time by Jude’s son, Reuben. The puppy’s mother was trying to crush her by lying on top of her. Reuben grabbed the three-week-old Chow-Labrador Retriever cross and took her home.

Veterinarians suggested the pup be put to sleep because of her deformities but Jude’s family disagreed and saved her. As she thrived, the family taught her to sit up so she wouldn’t hurt and damage her chest and neck. That paved the way for a miracle. Faith was able to walk upright on two legs, and it did not take long before her walk became a symbol around the world for overcoming disabilities.

Faith also participated in a kids’ reading program. She toured with Ozzie Osbourne, doing what she did best! She brought people of different interests and backgrounds together.

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Retiring But Continues To Inspire

According to Jude, Faith retired from public life almost three years ago. But she still appeared privately at local airports to welcome the troops of soldiers home. Her whole life, she ate all-natural food and took joint supplements but her deformity still caused pain in her senior years. It was managed with medication.

Last Monday, Jude made the heartbreaking decision to end Faith’s pain when it just seemed too much for her. Faith’s veterinarian explained that Faith’s increased pain may have been partly because of cancerous tumors found between her shoulder blades, as well as her advanced age and disability.

Faith was almost 12 years old. She lived a happy and inspiring life, despite being told she would live only until she was 3 weeks old.

Jude is keeping Faith’s message of hope alive. Her book, Faith Walks: A Memoir Of A Beautiful Life, is available on Amazon. What a life well-lived!

Thank you so much for the wonderful inspiration, Faith!


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