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Elderly Man Rejected By Homeless Shelters Because Of His Labrador Receives Help From Strangers


An elderly man who was rejected by homeless shelters because he would not give up his senior Labrador has received help from strangers.

Recently Ronald Aaron landed on the streets! He lost his marriage and his job as a hotel manager a few years ago. “Because of my lapse in the business, no one’s going to hire me now, and here I am today,” he said.

The homeless shelters refused to take him in because he would not surrender his senior Labrador Retriever, Shadow, who he has owned since a puppy.

Caught in this sad situation, Aaron choose to live in the streets with his 12-year-old Labrador instead of living in a temporary shelter and surrender his dog.

Elderly Man Rejected By Homeless Shelters Because Of His Labrador Receives Help From StrangersNicole Linsalata/Facebook

Every shelter he tried gave him two options: turn your dog into Animal Control or leave.

Animal shelters are flooded with senior dogs, especially black ones, and surrendering Shadow would in all probability have resulted in the dog being euthanized!

Aaron chose to live under a bridge with his dog rather than give her up.

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Hranto Davoyen, a volunteer with A Way For A Stray, recently found Aaron and Shadow. The elderly man and his senior dog were sharing a piece of bread in a parking lot.

He approached Aaron and learned that he and his dog were on the streets because they were unable to find a homeless shelter that allows dogs. Aaron was adamant that he would never leave Shadow behind.

On Wednesday, A Way For A Stray shared Aaron and Shadow’s story on their Facebook page. The sad story spread across social media quickly and strangers came together with ideas and funds to help the homeless duo.

On the same night, the rescue group announced that Aaron and Shadow would not be spending another night outdoors.

To donate for Ron & Shadow click here : http://www.youcaring.com/ron-shadow-373322We have Ron & Shadow in a hotel room…

Posted by A Way For A Stray on Wednesday, 17 June 2015

The organization also investigated Aaron’s situation and found it to be true that no shelters take in homeless pet owners.

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The group posted:

“Our volunteer was outraged and heartbroken to hear this story. He called EVERY homeless shelter he could find. He called churches and every charity he donates to… Not one offered to help. The only homeless shelter that allows pets is in Homestead FL (over 75 miles away), and he was ready to drive this man and his dog down, when the shelter said they would not accept them because they are in Broward Florida, which is another county. The Humane Society of Broward told our volunteer to take the dog to Animal Services and be done with this.”

A Way For A Stray has also launched a YouCaring fundraiser for the Aaron and Shadow. In just a short time, they exceeded their $500 goal. Over $5,000 has been raised for the duo.

These two deserve to live happy together. Kindness really is powerful.


Source: Examiner