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Drowning Labrador Retriever Saved From The Ocean With Just Minutes To Spare


In Cape Town, South Africa, a drowning Labrador Retriever was saved from the ocean with just minutes to spare.

Xena, a 2-year-old black Labrador, went missing with her brindle StaffyBull Terrier mix sister Cloe last weekend.

On Monday, a concerned resident saw the Labrador on the loose and tried to calm and capture her. But the frightened Lab refused to go with the resident and escaped.

An inspector from Animal Welfare Helderberg also tried to capture the elusive dog but Xena jumped into the sea off-shore of Hendon Park, News 24 reported.


The Labrador was then found by a fishing vessel 800 meters offshore.

NSRI spokesperson Craig Lambinon suspected that the Lab was taken away by strong currents.

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According to the report, the Labrador appeared to be sinking before she was brought onto the vessel. Poor Xena was showing signs of hypothermia, was extremely exhausted and panic-stricken.

The group calmed the Labrador down and wrapped her in a blanket before she was transferred to a sea rescue craft and brought to shore.

Drowning Labrador Retriever Saved From The Ocean With Just Minutes To Spare w
Henry-Peter Wiggins/Facebook

The Animal Welfare Society Gordons Bay then arrived at the NSRI sea rescue base to take Xena into their care.

Luckily, Xena has a microchip, which helped her rescuers find her owners, Odette and Henry-Peter Wiggins.

On Tuesday morning, a veterinarian at Tygerberg Animal Hospital, where the Lab was brought in, had told Wiggins that the Lab was not doing very well.

It seemed like Xena had a collapsed lung, the vet told the couple. She added that the Labrador was already on antibiotics and being monitored.

News 24
News 24

Wiggins then shared a photo of the Labrador on Tuesday, with an Elizabethan collar around her neck. The Labrador was also on a drip.

Despite everything she went through, it seems that Xena had enough energy to give mom and dad her big puppy eyes.

The couple is grateful to all the people who helped save their beloved dog’s life.

We’re so happy for you, Xena. Unfortunately, Cloe is still missing. We hope Cloe gets found soon.  :'(