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Downton Abbey’s Labrador Problem Had Drastic Solution


Now, the name ‘Isis’ is most commonly associated with the terrorist organization, Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

It is probable that some fans could distinguish between the terrorist group and Lord Grantham’s four-legged buddy, but apparently not all. The lovable Lab is jobless.

In last week’s episode, we were given a hint at what was about to happen. Lord and Lady Grantham are both bothered and concernedsince Isis was looking rather under the weather and the ugly truth came out – Isis is suffering from cancer.

At the very least, Isis‘passing is the opportunity to show off her talent, having out-acted most of the Downton cast over the past two episodes.

In the Lab’s heartbreaking final scene, Cora and Robert put their recent marital problems behind them as they hold Isis during her dying moments.

Following the Lab’s ‘death’, ‘Poor Isis’ soon trended on Twitter – leading non-watchers to wonder why people sympathize with the brutal group of terrorists.

Rest in Peace, Isis.


Images: ITV