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Dog-Sitter Pig And Labrador Mix Are Best Friends!


In Canada, a dog-sitter pig and a Labrador mix are best friends!

Wilbur the Pig is a dog-sitter at Canine Adventure Den Day Care!

Wilbur, a Juliana pig, has been the resident “dog-sitter” at the doggie day care in Vancouver, Canada for the past year. The pig considers himself one of the pack, says owner Kirsty MacGregor.

“It’s pretty cute,” MacGregor told Metro. “He’s pretty chill but every now and then he’ll get a burst of energy and start running in circles, and the dogs will run with him.”

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MacGregor adopted Wilbur after seeing a Facebook post from an Edmonton breeder searching for a home for the pet pig. The breeder had rescued the pig from a home where it is believed the pig was being abused and attacked by dogs.

Although her husband wasn’t too keen on the idea, MacGregor said she knew she had to bring Wilbur home.

“I just fell in love instantly, and I booked a flight for him back to Vancouver,” she said. “It was very spur of the moment.”

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Despite his previous negative experiences, MacGregor said Wilbur seemed to adjust to his new home with three dogs and several rabbits without any trouble.

The pig has grown so comfortable at the daycare that he has become the center’s resident canine companion.

MacGregor shares that Wilbur likes sleeping with the dogs the most! If there are no available beds, Wilbur will kick a dog off one bed and steal the spot, she said with a laugh.

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“There are certain breeds like Boxers or Huskies, they don’t like him too much,” she said. “So we keep him away from those breeds.”

It seems that Wilbur has earned himself a friend and protector, too!

With the help of Samurai, a Border CollieLabrador mix, Wilbur does not need to panic if he encounters a less-than-friendly dog.

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Samurai and Wilbur even go on hikes together to the confusion of fellow walkers they meet on the trail.

“Samurai is his best friend,” said MacGregor. “He’s kind of like his bodyguard so if there’s a dog that doesn’t like the pig, Samurai protects him.”

Although MacGregor has had a great experience with Wilbur, she said pig ownership isn’t for everyone.

Pigs are immensely clever. Wilbur can even unzip a backpack by himself! Pigs also require plenty of space and attention, MacGregor said.

“Pigs are just crazy,” she said. “Unless you have the time to put into them, they can get pretty destructive.”


Image and article source: Metro