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Dog Research Study Shows That Dogs Feel Emotions Much Like Children!


Studies Show That Dogs Are Humans Too! Must-Watch Video!A dog research study shows that dogs feel emotions much like children do!

Most Labrador lovers have always know that but now there is some science to back it up.

Ever wonder what your dog is thinking and how similar a dog’s thoughts are to a person’s? After a study analyzing dogs’ brain activity, experts are saying that dogs are people too.

Emory University Professor of Neuroeconomics Gregory Berns and his fellow researchers spent two years training dogs to lie perfectly still while awake in an MRI scanner.

They then had dog owners sign consent forms for their dogs as parents do for their children, treating the animals as people throughout the process. Berns said, “We used only positive training methods. No sedation. No restraints. If the dogs didn’t want to be in the MRI scanner, they could leave. Same as any human volunteer.”

Results showed that dogs’ brain activity in the part between the cortex and the brain stem was very similar to that shown in humans. Their responses to smells, people, and food all support the idea that dogs feel emotions much like a human child.

Berns advocates that dogs should be legally viewed as persons with their rights defended, and that they should become wards of the state if owners abuse them. He said, “we must reconsider their treatment as property.”