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Dog Rescue Advocate Opens Pet Photography Studio!


Nanette Kardaszeski is both an award-winning photographer and dog rescue advocate.

She recently opened fatdogphoto– a pet photography studio – to continue taking awesome dog photographs of pets and their people.

Dog Rescue Advocate Opens Pet Photography Studio 1

Nanette Kardaszeski

Kardaszeski who has more than 20 years of photography experience under her belt. The combination of her skill and her passion for animal welfare led her to create the state-of-the-art studio designed to capture the true personality, emotions, and uniqueness of each individual pet and their people.

Six years ago, Kardaszeski began volunteering for Animal Alliance, a non-profit animal welfare organization based in Lambertville, New Jersey. She offered her photography services for rescue adoption promotions, events and fundraisers.

“Once Nanette began taking photos of our adoptable pets, the adoption rate at Animal Alliance skyrocketed,”Annie Trinkle, Executive Director of Animal Alliance, told NJ.com.  “Nanette captures the heart and soul of each pet with her keen and artistic eye.  Once we started posting Nanette’s photos on our Petfinder site website, and Facebook page, our adoption rates doubled, and it hasn’t let up since.”

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Kardaszeski, who lost two chocolate Labrador Retrievers last summer, offers discounted rates for senior or terminally ill pets.

“You never have enough photos of your pets,” she said about saying goodbye to her dogs.

To honor her interest in shelter and rescued animals, Kardaszeski donates a percent of the session fee to local animal rescues for every rescue animal photographed.

Here are a select few of her awesome dog photographs!

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Image source: Nanette Kardaszeski/FatDogPhoto