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Dog Photographer Releases Book Comparing Dogs In Their Puppy And Senior Years


Dogs live up to 13 years on average. Every dog owner wishes they could live longer but it’s out of our hand!

Dog photographer, Amanda Jones, recently released her book Dog Years: Faithful Friends, Then & Now and it is superb.

The book features photos of dogs across the span of their lives with touching accompanying stories from their loving owners.

For two decades, Amanda Jones has taken dog portraits that chronicle several dogs throughout their lives – from their curious puppy years into old-age.

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Each dog profile shows two images: the first of the dogs as puppies from as young as six months and the second years later as adult dog. When laid out on the same page, the photos show the stark contrast.

One of the dogs featured in the book is a French Bulldog named Dao. He was first photographed when he was only two months old. He is 10 years-old in the latter photo. His owner, fashion designer Tunji Dada, says the French Bulldog is his stress reliever.

“To me, he takes away all of my stress. My stress level in the fashion industry is very high,” Dada said in the book. “His little body just seems to take it all out of me at the end of the day. We have a friendship that is really unique. “

Amanda got the inspiration by her own dog, a long-haired Dachshund named Lily.

Lily’s first photo was taken when she was eight months-old. The succeeding photos were taken when the doxie was two years, seven years and 15 years old. Lily passed away during the making of the book.

“Lily was with us for sixteen wonderful years. In that time my husband and I moved across the country and back,” Amanda said. “We bought a house, had a baby, and through it all dear Lily was there with us—passing the time, being by our sides, joining us in our adventures of life.”

Taking 20 long years to put the book together, Amanda admits that there has not always been a happy ending for each of the dogs she took photos of.

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“In working on this book, I rejoined dogs, couples, and families who I had worked with years ago,”she said. ”Some dogs had been lost to illness and accidents. Most are living amazingly long, happy lives in perfect surroundings.”

The photographer believes that over decades, many dogs and their owners begin to look alike and resemble each other, which makes the bond between both even stronger.

“Owners and dogs had aged, become gray, wrinkled in the eyes, and less spry,” she said. “The visual impact of comparing the young and the old varies greatly from dog to dog, just as it does from person to person. Some don’t seem to age at all, yet others show the signs quite openly in their eyes, their jowls, and their gray hair. It is this semblance of ourselves and our souls in their eyes that gives us such a deep connection with dogs.”

Despite all the changes that had happened over the years, Amanda says something remained unchanged.

“One thing that remains constant is the love people and dogs have for each other. That does not change, no matter how many dog years go by.”

See the beautiful dog photos below!

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Source: Daily Mail