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Dog Owners Alarmed About Hair-Like Objects In Pedigree’s MarroBone Treats!


Dog lovers are in a heightened state alert these days after several pet food recalls and deadly pet treats from China. Is there cause for further concern about Pedigree’s MarroBone Treats?

An Anderson Township man was understandable concerned when he found something sharp in his dog’s treats.

Brian Walsh treats his black Labrador, Sarah, as his own child. He was alarmed to find something sharp sticking out of one of the treats.

Dog Owners Alarmed About Hair-Like Objects In Pedigree's MarroBone Treats

“They have what it looks like a little paintbrush, bristles in them,” says Walsh.

The treats in question were  the Pedigree MarroBone brand.

On closer inspection Brian found the fibers poking out of several other treats in the packet.

“I actually got pricked by one,” he says.

Brian checked Google and found that other people were worried, too.

“I looked online and saw that other people are having the same thing where they notice these,” he says.

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WCPO contacted Mars Pet Care, which makes Pedigree, and the spokesperson said, “It is pig fur..It is safe for all dogs to eat, is digestible, and meets all USDA standards.”

To be sure, WCPO took a trip to the local vet’s office, the Pleasantridge Animal Hospital.

Dr. Jordan Albrecht analyzed the fiber under a microscope. She said it was not a type of plastic but rather some type of animal fur.

“It could be consistent with pig hair, “says Dr. ALbrecht.

So this latest pet treat scare appears nothing to be worried about.

Still, Brian Walsh says he’s going to cut back on how many MarroBone treats Sarah gets to eat.