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Diving Labrador Retriever. Awesome Lab Video!


My 2 year old labrador “INDIA” is able to swim and dive much better than Michael Phelps! Depth 2m 30cm, Mallorca July 2009

Watch this amazing Lab dive into the swimming pool to retrieve

This is a “wow” Labrador video.

Diving Labrador Retriever

Labs are truly amazing dogs. Watch this beautiful,athletic yellow Lab dive to the bottom of a swimming pool to retrieve. The pool is nearly 2 1/2 meters deep. It’s just awesome!

Labs are great swimmers. They have webbed feet and otter tails to help. Most Labradors love the water and really enjoy a good swim, but India is a champion; ready for the next Olympics.

I loved this Lab video. What did you think? Let us know in the comments below.


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